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I encourage everyone that's here today this inspirational spot through Rich Women Society. They're bringing dynamics here. They're connecting things and connecting people that it's a community. It's not just a place to go and sit silently, but it's really a place to connect. And to really be that selfless quality. So I just appreciate you all deeply. Even just setting up rooms like this, that can pour in and uplift people on a daily basis is wonderful.

-Sonya L.

Connect, Grow and Learn

Rich Woman Society is a private community where you can expand your vision beyond social media, make meaningful connections with people you can trust, and join forces to grow together. The group offers accountability coaching and support to help members stay on target and reach their goals!

Join daily live streams with Dr. Marina Nani

Transformative, this 15 min with Marina is designed to give women and men the information they need to become CONSCIOUS INFLUENCERS.

If you want to reach your goals, become your best selves and re-imagine your life in your own terms, THIS is for you! 

Weekly Business Q&A

We are pleased to offer exclusive coaching calls for members of our service. Every Thursday, one of our coaches will take your questions on business development, sales and marketing, finance, operations, and other pressing topics. Each coaching session is recorded so you can always listen again. The intention of these sessions is to provide you a sounding board for ideas, bring clarity to challenges and opportunities, and help you put the right processes in place to be successful in your business.

Weekly Business Hot Seat

Are you looking to get your business some exposure? By being interviewed on the Weekly Business Hot Seat, you have the opportunity to reach our entire community. This is a great way to get your business noticed, as well as learn about what other businesses in your industry are doing.

Business Growth Webinars

If you're interested in learning how to improve your business, grow it, and market it, this is a fantastic opportunity. These webinars are informal with many sessions on leadership, project management, marketing, and more. You can learn valuable skills from these professionals who have years of experience and knowledge to offer.

Build connections, create partnerships & expand your business

If you are looking to build connections and partnerships, the best way is to uplift, help and inspire each other. When we help others, it fills our own bucket too. When we connect with like-minded people and share knowledge with one another, we create real synergies that allow all of us to expand our business in all directions.

Share your promotional posts, gifts & freebies

Your promotional posts, gifts, and freebies are always welcome in our community. In fact, we encourage you to share them! We offer a variety of different opportunities for you to promote your business. From podcast interviews and conferences like our 24 Hour Summits to workshops like Facebook live streaming and online marketing.

Speak at our events: 

We've hosted events around topics such as social media, content marketing, digital PR, and entrepreneurship. Build your personal brand - Network with leaders in the industry - Gain confidence in public speaking!

Plus, get access to all community features:

  • Join and create groups
  • Access existing and future workshops as they become available.
  • Host and sell your courses for free
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